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About Us

We want to personalize your entire shopping experience and help you select and decide on the perfect gift idea or the right selection for you.  We always make it personal.  That's what we are really about.  "MAKING IT PERSONAL"  . From custom clothing to family reunions to gift ideas.  We are here for you. 

Ready for School

Jackets book bags sweats and tees.  We've got the juice for the school year...even team colors and creations.    We're the club connection for making it personal. 

Plus Size Models

WE  ARE EXPANDING THE BUSINESS... IN 2022 with a brand new Design Studio and a wide collection of customized fashions including  lite weight jackets with matching tee shirts for under $60.00....  The jackets are bright and reflective for sports, jogging and making sure you get noticed. Most of our shirts and ackets have Afrocentric Designs bur we are a very diverse operation.  We Have included fashions fromoursister website. Www. We create for everyone and we always make it personal.  

We are not changing what we do or what we offer we're just adding a little spice and bling to our already personalized operations.  Helping you find the right decorations, and personalized items to fit our decorating ideas.  We even help you pick the right paint colors and matching furniture.  If that won't work we'll work with what you have to make it  something  you might like even more.   Affectionately Yours is Dabbling in Design and Decorating.  Moving from the DIY to the Delightfully Dashing.   (A roof over a garage becaome a grate room to be creative in.  ***AFFECTIONATELY YOURS DECORATING IDEAS***

As we continue to network and grow our business we are proud to sponsor and share our knowledge and experience with young adults who make up the future generations of great entrepreneurs.   The classes and training is absolutely free of charge and there is no age limit.  You'd be amazed at the things you can create in just one day of training.  You'll be motivated and encouraged to do so much more.  

We are going fashion forward with a collection of custom apparel and a collection of Fashions for Full  Figured Women.  We even have fashon forward stuffed animals.  A number of the designs that you will see on this site are one time when they are purchased the pictures will change.  This three piece sweat/hoodies with Afrocentric designs sold for $89.00 and included a contrasting tee shirt.  Many colors and and art to chose from.  Glitter foil and seuence include. 

Do a fund raiser for your class or team with stadium chairs - add the school logo or mascot photo. Top it off with bottle water with the school logo or the sponsor. Make the magic happen. We are always coming up with new and innovative ideas to keep it personal and make it work for you. Pillows and cups are great gifts for shower gifts or sharing family memories. The Custom Apparel is an excellent choice for being really unique or dressing up your team fund raiser or social event. Purchase as few as one or as many as 500. We do our best to supply what you meed when you need it.  

Check out our fashion page. 

We are designing for full figured females and we have gender neutural fashions.

We recently included these wonderful keepsake boxes. And best of all Keepsake boxes with a set of coffee mugs. We personalized them with a photograph or a special message. This is a great gift for anyone. Perfect for Mother's day, Weddings, Birthdays, Sweetest Day and anniversaries. We do this on jewel boxes or keep sake boxes in various sizes. 4 x 4, 6 x 6, 6 x 8, in Mahogany, Brown or Black. We've included key tags, personal compacts and, plaques and frames. You can mix or match your personal gift with any item in our inventory we allow you to let us be creative for you.

You can spend as little as $12.00 to get one of the items you like or $35.00 to combine it with something else. We Always Make It Personal. 

We are designing fashions for infants, toddlers and matching with Mommy.  Our latest collection of me and mommy fashions has created something special for full figured women, and their little one,  We didn't forget the guys and we are not  so much gender specific as we are all inclusive.   Check us out at  

 I added the little rolling cart because we have to bring our own bags when we shop now., This wonderful bag collapses into a flat easy to carry and easy to manage carry along or opens up to a full size rolling cart with a place to store your personals and a keep cool containment area for your groceries. You can personalized this bag and add a name in vinyl or glitter. This is a bag you will use over and over again.

The vintage leather jackets are a must have at $108.28.  With a great bag for less than $100.00

Our custome tee shirts are as little as $17.00  and just a little extra for 3X 4X and even 5X shirts.  We are very diverse and want to please everyone.   This year we included three peace zip front hoodies and joggers with complementary tee shirts.  All three pieces are just $89.00 and that's a bargen.. MADE TO ODER JUST GIVE US A CALL - SUBMIT YOUR PAYMENT AND WE ANTICIPATE DELIVERY WITHIN 7 DAYS (Depending on location) 



Mixed Feathers lite weight

Afrocentric Fashions

Promotional Pricing Call to make it personal

Find the look for you,,let's create a design together design capture and create your dream.  We are expanding and still making it Personal.

Beauty Products for Hair and Skin

Health and Beauty Products from African Imports including fragrance oils, Shae butter, Black soaps and hair care... I only recommend what I've tried or use on a regular basis.  

Affectionately Yours Publishing is our sister web site and you can find all of our manuscripts there including the new featured publications, Maturing Gracefully an entertaining poetry anthology and Delicious Dining with a Diva, a plant based recipe book designed to have you eating healthy. https://

We have a wide array of products to support your team, little league, your family reunion wedding planning and even baby showers. Our Folding Stadium cushions or Stadium Chairs can be purchased individually or in bulk (BLANK OR WITH YOUR LOGO) They can include your team, your NUMBER or a cool photograph. The cost is perfect for a fund-raising project. And who wouldn't want to get their butts off the hard bleachers and into a nice cushion stadium seat that folds for easy transport. This is just one of the thousands of items we offer at Affectionately Yours where we always make it personal.   


Warm Hats and beanies $17.00

Holiday Discount 10% Off

African Art, African Fashions and very unique personalized photo pillows 

with Mud Cloth, African Prints or Personal Messages. We make it 

personal in every possible way. Send us a message and let us create just for you

You can find all kinds of drums and African Musical Instruments when you shop with us. We sell African Imports Retail. I understand every dollar we spend helps orphans in Africa. SHOP WITH US.

Drums start as low as $49.00 Larger drums are $298.00 plus shipping.  

Affectionately Yours Products and creative clothing lines are easily accomplished with unique style and exquisite taste by using state of the arts equipment, quality control and your personal input. Our team has a combined 45 years of experience in fashions, retail sales as well as designing colorful creative fashions and accessories to meet your unique taste. With the an old trademark on auto-skirts we also personally design an auto skirt to protect your vehicle from Dinks, Dents and Dings in the parking lot and your own garage. "Don't Dink Me" is a family trademark that now has international activity.

Affectionately Yours Enterprises is independently owned and sponsored by Affectionately Yours Publishing Company.

Our sales associates are understanding professionals who count on you for return business and referrals so you will never be disappointed. The best service, the best products, the best equipment will always result in satisfaction guaranteed.

We now offer scented oils and African Imports.

See a full line of garments and accessories at:

Everything you want and need is right here on our site or at our link!!! We Promise to Please

We are - Affectionately Yours


Notary Public Services (also) Available - 708-275-6333

Be sure to check out our African Fashions and essential oils. With a new line of Mud Cloth Pillows and throws. You can even select your image on one side and Mud cloth on the reverse. Check out our Fashions Imported from Africa, Kenya and Ghana.

With a variety of soaps. oils, shea butter and beauty solutions. We're universal.

Call us at 1-800-919-6830 - 708-275-6333 or send us an e-mail and let us/me know exactly what you're looking for.

For even more selections for your tee shirt designs go to: 


Changing up every time we can. You can get personalized or monogrammed wine glasses brandy snifters. Is there a better way to sit on the bleachers than with a comfortable, even personalized stadium seat? Check out a variety of items at my link for ads and promotional items.

The Sensual Mug and Pillow for your Man Cave!

Designing an elegant wine glass for your wedding, shower or New Year - Party and Plan with the best we also do shot glasses. travel mugs and coffee cups.  . 


20650 S. Cicero #504

Matteson, IL


Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 2:30pm

Sat: 9:00am 1pm

Sun: Closed


We have included a wide variety of essential oils, sprays and incense. Our prices are always competitive. Prices start as low as $5.00 and the largest is less than the local 16 oz. plastic bottles and sprays. Over 100 fragrances to chose from. Diffuser oils and burners also available  

3 Peace Hoodie (Large)

Embroidery Afrocentric Embellishment on pants and tee shirt. bellishment

Two left in stock

Reversal Afrocentric Jacket

Personalized Photo Pillows

Personalized pillows are one of our most popular items. unlimited sizes and extraordinary print productions. We have included Mud Cloth, Kente' Cloth and  

Faux  Fur to add to the decor'

This bag as little as $47.98 can be yours. You can see this one and more at our website. You can also add your own personal image or logo on your bags, coolers and back packs..      

Another great gift idea found on our specialty website. The flask is an inexpensive stainless steel and you can purchase as many as 500 or as little as 25 with the same Logo or imprint. The set up charge is a one time fee and you can use it for other designs as well. This is a perfect gift for your club members, your softball team or the guys at the Man Cave hang out for Monday Night Football. For as little as $25.00 each with your logo. This flaslight umbrella has an auto open shut button and a swivel LED light on the base. It's great for getting in and out of the car or finding the right place to put your keys if someone left the porch light off. We have an abundance of great ideas. Just click the link below to reach thousands of promotions for your business, fundraising or personal needs. Always remember - We make it personal.

Flask & Chess Set $39.00

Customize an umbrella for your family reunions, your club or the idea promotional product. Add a backpack or duffel back for travel and you're all set. Select the umbrella and rain jacket for a really great promotional price when purchased in bulk.   This check set with flask is also a reat gift idea for less than $45.00

Summer time is family reunions and we have a catalog of designs for you at affordable prices with reasonable turn over time. Tee shirts, jackets, sweat shirts and sweat suits. Our newest line of Cuddle Ware offers a lot to relax and lounge around or move around the town socially. Cozy Cuddle Ware and Cuddle bears was the brain storm of the memories of my business partner/son and his best friend cousin. Cuddy for cousins. You will love our concept and you will love our fashions. Here you can find something soft with a little bling or move from sweats to flannel in a quick change. Our imprints also cover a wide variety from flock to foil to glitter to vinyl. If you are in our area you can shop in persona and get your finished product (in some cases) within hours. 

The hoodie in this photograph is foil, flock and glitter on one garment. The tee shirt that was designed for a family reunion is a quick heat transfer. We finished printing the entire order in less than two hours. and the cost for 50 shirts with one color print in various sizes was less than $500.00. All orders are custom to your specifications and we give you the best prices possible. We share the work load with some of our competitors. If we can't get you on time we will refer you. A happy customers will send a friend or come back again. www.AffectionatelyYoursPublishing.comalso has some of our products. You can select the apparel or bags you like directly....

This is a small part of the clothing line.

This comes in an assortment of colors and styles. Check the website above for our entire line. Jackets, Hospital scrubs, rolling duffel bags and back packs. And since personalizing is our primary business, we can make any of your items personal with embroidery designs, names, images or just a print design.  

With such a large variety of products and apparel you are free to contact us directly to discuss your order. Making it personal is what makes it special and special is exactly who you are to us. We offer so much more than you will see on are web site so reach out. - 1-800-919-6830

This 3 minute video is a tour of our last pop up in Alsip, Illinois in December 2018  

These wonderful picture pillows are a great addition to personalize tee shirts to share wonderful memories and make magic. They are a perfect gift for any occasion. The pillows are $40.00 and the tee shirts are $17.00 all you have to supply is a photograph and we do the rest. Just another great promotion by Affectionately Yours. Our regular tee shirt prices are $10 - $12.00 but personalize it with a photograph on your tee shirt and it's $17.00 but if you purchase it both your picture pillow and picture tee shirt together you save $7.00 and get both for $50.00. There are an abundance of samples on this web site or check us out on face book as well. Looking forward, as always to serving you.

We have a new one for you - a full size photo album for your dorm, family room or the perfect family reunion piece to share with the elders. The full size pillow is a body pillow with as many as 12 photographs randomly arranged with a colorful backing. No samples available at this time but you can call for details. Starts @ $75.00 you can add additional photographs or even put a family tree in the center. What a perfect gift. Also available with matching tee shirt. 

I took an older wedding picture of my favorite niece and my mom and actually shot a picture of a photograph in a frame. I reproduced it on this picture pillow below and I know that Mom, and all the family members are going to absolutely, positively love it. 

Retirement pillow - a perfect gift for the co-worker, the boss, a close or log time co-worker. Unlike the retirement watch or the retirement pen, this image will be a conversation piece for a very long time. The front of the pillow reflect your image and the back of the pillow has an image of your retirement badge or the badge you wore up until your retirement. It's great on a coffee mug, a mouse pad and exceptional on the great big retirement pillow.

Priced to promote - A great gift for a great price. Can also purchase with a mud cloth back and embroidery. Make it personal every time. 

PERSONALIZED RETIREMENT PILLOWS = This is the reverse side of the lovely retirement pillow. The retirement date can be included right on the pillow. This was a great marketing tool to promote some other really great purchases but it's a great gift as well.  

We still do jackets, polo shirts, uniform shirts, Tactical uniforms, We have a large catalog of law enforcement attire (no gear). Emblems included when available. 

The picture pillows are a wonderful way to celebrate a memory and share some love and some very special memories. Unlike a photo album a photo pillow sits out on display somewhere all the time. It's decorative and it great to cuddle with. Share your hugs and love share your memories.  

There are so many items in our inventory that we can't share all of them with you. There are numerous photo productions that are personalized and delivered so you don't get to see them all.  

Okay....You don't want your image on a pillow or a cup and you're prefer a framed canvas. We can do that too. Just send us your photograph.

It's simple, it's easy it's printing direct to garments. DTG. On shirts, jackets dresses and aprons. We making it fashionable and easy. Just send us your picture.

You can select wide ranges of tee shirts, polo shirts and other garments at:

or e-mail me directly at:

The beautiful photo pillows can be reproduced from any photo and will hold a lasting memory. You provide the picture and we do the rest. This web site offers a pillow with a matching tee for the low price of $50.00 plus taxes and shipping. (Pillows average 14 - 18 inches and tees are small, medium, large, extra large and 2 x. Add $5.00 for over size shirts. Teddy Bear Photo Pillows are only $30.00.

We have a large selection of catalog items for fund raisers, sports teams, fund raising events and re-unions. Call for our on line catalog,


We can display a number of the items we'll personalize for you from 1000's of graphic designs for DGT or our state of the arts Embroidery Machine. If you don't see what you want we can incorporate your own personal images. We are a family owned, family operated spiritually rounded and family oriented business. That's where you'll find love and passion in who we are as well as what we do.  

This is a recently produced image from the Epson 2000 Direct to Fabric Printer, Even reproduced at a 3rd generation from camera to computer to web the print quality and image are sharp. Picture You and Picture your picture on this shirt.  

We will guarantee a delivery date after proofs are final and color choices confirmed. Taking the time to work with you to assist with the design that best suits your specific needs and addresses the desires of all parties concerned. We rock and we wild but we restrict our work to the family friendly art work with family values. No porn, No smut although Sex and Sensuality can be absolutely priceless. Show us your smile and let us paint it on a tee shirt or embroider it on a canvas bag.   SELLING OUR EPSON F2000 - VALUED AT $10,900.00 AND WE ARE SELLIING IT FOR LESS THAN HALF OF THE PRICE.   

Everybody else is doing "selfies" I'm doing me. This is a great image for the class reunion jacket. And everybody can have their own individually photo or one with a group. Bring a photo or take one on site. By the way, it's still okay to do a selfie. From your cell phone to our computer and right to your shirt. Making fun things happen in a very personal way. Our colors are a sharp image while our Black and White is s smooth and comfortable gray-scale.

If everybody wore a shirt with their old image at the class reunion instead of a Hi I'm Me sticker wouldn't it be fun to identify your friends.

Tee from a photo, tee and tote + Psalm 27 on a Tee

Family, cultural and spiritual

Even Mom celebrates the joy of personalizing our services.

You can put your personal photo on almost anything, a canvas bag, a personal pillow, tee shirts, jeans and jackets. How do you want to share you with the rest of the world?

Personal and Direct Contact on line or in person

We make it personal so call me. 1-800-919-6830

Personalized Travel Mugs and tumblers.

include baby pictures family or pets as low as $20.00 local 2 day delivery/pick up

Travel mugs, stainless steel tumblers with straws and cleaning brushes all personalized to your specifications.  These are a perfect gift for family friends and co-workers.  Great for hot or cold beverages.   In stock orders can be delivered or picked up in a little as 24 - 48 hours without additional chargers for a rush order.  Provide your photos via text or e-mail and we will provide a proof without hours.  ALL PERSONALIZED SALES ARE FINAL.  Coffee Mugs start at $16.00 - Travel Mugs $27.00 -  20 oz tumblers @ $25.00 pictures personalization  included....Check us out on facebook. 

Welcome to a web of innovative concepts for your family reunion, clubs, sports teams or just doing something really special and extremely personal for someone really special and yes....Extremely Personal. Because we are a family oriented business with wholesome and spiritual values there are somethings we won't print but let's be creative. Our tee shirts are top of the line but we don't stop there. The print quality is A+ even when we are printing on something other than tees. For a group, a couple or an individual we work with you to gain your trust, confidence and the end result is total satisfaction. We are including a line of gift ideas with everything from match embroidered his and hers bath towels for the wedding couple or matching personalized gym bags for the shower gifts.  

In addition to our print to fabric fashions we have a wide array of Affectionately Wild Fashion statements that will make you the new trend setter. The print quality and attention to detail will enhance your shopping experience. The light colored suspender jeans with matching belly shirts or fringe shirts are not just a fad the are head turners. And we won't forget giving special attention to the time restraints for your parties, weddings or reunion and huge family or church out door functions. If you're looking for 800 pieces, 80 items or as little as 8 we deliver. Providing you with proofs to assure your absolute satisfaction. Check out our entire line of products and determine what's right for you. We'll even share where we purchase our equipment so you know you've got quality with quantity. 

The sweetest taste of success is a happily satisfied customer.

 P. P. Mercer

Affectionately Yours Publishing

Affectionately Yours Enterprises - Gifts with a personal touch

708-275-6333 (leave a message)

We have a variety of designs to chose from. Go to and select from 1000's of transfer designs. Your own designs, photos and custom work is still welcome. That's Be sure to check us out on facebook. = AFFECTIONATELY YOURS ENTERPRISES OR AFFECTIONATELY YOURS PUBLISHING  

Pillows, Stuffed animals and bags in transfer mediums and sublimation prints. Foil, Glitter, Flock, Vinyl, Leather look. We offer a wide variety of imprints for your products and personal gifts. Look at all the items on the web site and make a decision or call us to talk about exactly what you want. We make it personal because It's personal. 

We are working extremely hard and networking with a number of vendors to give you the best products and the best prices in the most reasonable amount of time for personalized gifts. You won't be disappointed. You will love our products you will love our service and you will love our commitment to building good relationships with the community Here are a few fashion ideas for 2022 with a warm focus on full figure and Plus Sizes.  

Cell phone bears and boxes are just one of the many personalized items we prepare for you. If you have to leave your cell phone behind, protect it from the elements. Keep it from freezing in the winter and melting in the summer with our protective Cell phone bears. A gentle wrap of insulation sized for a variety of cell phones. Comes with a Power Bank. that you can keep charges for those "just in case" situations.  

Put an image on a pillow with direct printing or creative embroidery. A perfect gift to hug your peaceful dreams.

Tee & Totes, Jackets and sweats - pick your design at (Heat Transfers or DTG) 

We've got a lot on our page because we have a lot to offer Crop your favorite photo or your puppy pictures and put them on the face of a tee or a bag. These are great for family Bar B. Ques and Family or Class Reunions. Wouldn't it be awesome if everyone took a page from the year book to wear to the class reunion. JUST ANOTHER POSITIVE IDEA.. We make it personal, we do it with love, we are Affectionately Yours.